As a member of Triangle Security Solutions your property address would be added to our database and our dedicated mobile security vehicles will patrol your property 6-8 times over the full 24 hour period...

Our vehicles will patrol the area constantly at random times. Any irregular activity will be immediately investigated offering you heightened peace of mind whether you are at home or away. During periods of sustained absence for example your annual holiday we will increase our surveillance allowing you to relax and enjoy your break.

We can create mobile patrols to your exact specifications. Our experienced officers submit detailed reports of any unusual occurrences and are fully trained in all aspects of emergency situation handling. Boarding-up and emergency repair services, including Locksmiths. Our fully-trained officers will check doors / windows / gates, immediate action is taken in the event of damage or security breach, and the site is never left until secure.

Extreme incidents are immediately reported to the emergency contact number provided by the client. Full incident reports are provided for every occurrence. At agreed frequencies, high profile, uniformed Officers will visit and inspect your premises, providing a visible deterrent to would-be intruders.

Warning boards for your site are provided as an additional deterrent. Using the latest radio technology we remain in constant contact and are able to mobilise any assistance that may be required to the benefit of your premises.

Physical patrol with dog unit

Our trained dog unit will check and patrol the perimeter of your property and be on hand should there be any security situation at your home. We have found the dog unit very effective and a  real deterrent to anyone trying to obtain access to your clients homes.

'"Thank you Scott for your prompt response in getting back to me,
a great service"
Tony, Chigwell
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