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Could the Face mask rule cause problems for you and your staff?

Nearly half of Britons think that face coverings should not be compulsory, citing feeling uncomfortable, difficulty communicating and infringement on personal freedom as reasons not to wear a mask. Given the opposition to face coverings among some of the general public, there will no doubt be people breaking the rules, potentially putting retail employees and other shoppers at greater risk. Everyone has the right to feel safe at work and with our patrols on the case, managers and employees of the shops that we look after will no longer have to deal with aggressive or abusive customers.

Our security officers receive regular training on COVID-19. With the guidelines and information constantly evolving, we are continuously training our staff on how to apply Government policy safely and effectively. At Triangle Security, we have also trained staff on hygiene and social distancing procedures, ensuring they can keep themselves and the public safe and minimise further transmission of COVID-19.

We supply all our staff with the equipment necessary to protect themselves and our clients from the virus, including masks, hand sanitiser, and cleaning equipment, so our staff feel safe and properly safeguarded at work. We carry out regular assessments and temperature checks, to ensure all our staff are healthy and ready to work.

For more information on how we can protect you and your business during this difficult time please call us on 0845 234 0151 or send us an enquiry form:

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