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"Each incident was escalated to an appropriate level"

Good morning.

My name is Rich and I am one of the Residential Security Team based at this clients residence.

I would like to personally thank the three operatives & Triangle Security family as a whole for this morning.

During the early hours of this morning, there was a three-event incident at our main gate starting from 02:07 & finally finishing at 04:13. I would like to start by saying how professional, helpful & co-ordinated your team were this morning in rectifying our situation.

to defuse the situation.

Tony N, Ash & Dennis performed to a high standard this morning & it was impressive to see Triangle Security’s capabilities in action.

I will speak to the client at some point today to inform him of the incident as he is currently not within the residence. Once again I would like to personally thank you & your team again. Best regards, Mr Thomas, Security Consultant

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