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Getting ready to reopen your doors?...

As pubs, restaurants, and all other sectors of hospitality get ready to welcome their customers back inside from the 17th May, after such a long time, joy and trepidation can be felt by all. Joy, that at last, we can welcome our customers to socialise with their friends and families indoors (especially on chilly nights!). But a little trepidation, that having some restrictions still in place, like table service and limited numbers due to social distancing, could make the reopening slightly more difficult to manage.

Having a security team on hand to deal with any problems that arise from customers, during these first testing weeks, could be the answer for you and your staff.

Triangle Security has a proven track record of improving the security of businesses across London and surrounding areas. Providing a high visibility presence to deter criminals from choosing to target your business. As well as the security of the property, it is also important to protect equipment, staff, and other customers. With most of our team being Ex-military, they are equipped to deal with all types of situations in a calm and measured way, defusing many confrontations, which handled differently could quickly erupt into a major problem.

or call us on 020 3948 7071.

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