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Our Building Site Security service - the benefits

We offer a bespoke service for all building sites whatever their size. This includes a phone consultation, followed by a site visit from one of our security experts. Who will then assess your site and provide you with a tailored package.

A break-in on your building site, not only stops productivity and delays work and progress, it can cost building companies tens of thousands of pounds in equipment, tools, and time penalties as well as the inconvenience of making the site secure again.

We can offer your company, a service to protect your building site 24/7, no matter what size we will have it covered. A professional and responsive personal service where you get a direct link to our manager on the road. 

We used Triangle's services over a 2 year period on a number of our construction projects. They were always responsive and conscientious and we would not hesitate to call them again in the future" Nick @ P.AFinlay & Co Ltd
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