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Theydon Golf Club - impressed by our patrols professionalism

‘In 2017 thieves drove into one of our shutters and made away with some green keeping equipment. They entered an office and managed to get out with a safe. It was all very quick. Triangle were on the scene promptly and although they were unable to apprehend them they were safe was recovered with some cheques and documents in it. We were grateful for their support that night.’

‘Not long after I started working here I managed to set off an alarm by mistake while locking up. Before I knew it one of Triangle’s staff pulled up and demanded to know who I was. For a moment I was terrified but I was glad that they were on the ball and I was impressed by their professionalism.’

John Reeder - Club Manager, Theydon Bois Gold Club at Theydon Bois Golf Club

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