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2 Burglaries around Chigwell Golf Course in last 10 days

Dear client

Unfortunately it looks as if we are returning to last years events regarding houses being targeted around Chigwell golf course. There have been 2 burglaries around the golf course in the last 10 days.

The police freely admit that with government cutbacks they are over stretched and understaffed, and this was clear following last night's events:

- @ 01:00 we were called to a confirmed alarm activation in Hainault Rd, Chigwell

- We arrived within 2 minutes, disturbing the burglar. The police arrived 15 minutes later

- Police had to wake two of Chase security’s staff in Forest Lane as they were fast asleep

If we can secure a few more clients in Chigwell we can have a constant presence deterring unwanted activity.

We have over 7 years experience working with clients in Chigwell and are proud of the reputation we've built up. We'd like to give more people peace of mind as we move toward the busy holiday period.

Can you please forward the message to anyone that you feel will benefit from it.

If you are on WHATSAPP/INSTA or FB PLEASE promote us !


Kind regards

Triangle security 🔺

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