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The big questions you should be asking about your business security

For many people their business isn’t just their livelihood, it’s their life. When you’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground and try to make it successful, crime can have a devastating effect.

Here at Triangle we’re experts in keeping businesses safe and secure. We know the security precautions you should be considering to make sure your business is protected and less vulnerable to attack.

We’ve made a list of questions you should be asking that may well trigger changes to your physical building, and also your security system, helping you to avoid crime:

  1. How much valuable property do you keep on site after hours?

  2. Is it visible from the outside?

  3. How easy would it be for a criminal to get on the roof and from there get into the building?

  4. How easy would it be to break in through an adjacent businesses?

  5. How well are your basement doors or skylights secured?

  6. How well could your doors and windows withstand a ‘smash-and-grab’ attack?

  7. Are there recently-vacated adjoining properties that would make it easy for a burglar to get into your premises?

  8. Is your current alarm system designed for your business needs.

  9. Does the system meet minimum guidelines for your line of business?

If you would like us to visit your premises and access your security needs. We can then take you through our security services and put together a tailored package that will give you peace of mind. Visit: for more information.

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