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Real concern for residents on Monkhams estate in woodford.

Over 90 people attended a security meeting about the rise in crime around Monkhams, Harts Grove and Woodford station. We felt that it was time we took some action and offered these residents a real safety net. We know how hard it is to gain trust when you are offering customers a service they have to pay for. But we are so confident in our ability to look after our clients, their families and homes, we have decided to give the residents of Monkhams and Harts Grove the opportunity to see our patrols on their streets FREE for the month of February.

Offering a simple no obligation trial which they can sign up for on our website, we felt this was the best way to make sure that not only you sign up but your neighbours as well, this ensuring that triangle patrols are constantly where you live throughout a 24hr period (something no other local security company offers you).

See below for the area this offer covers:


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