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Alarm call outs on the increase

Our patrols have been busy reacting to many alarm calls this week not only homes in Chigwell, Theydon and Loughton but a few to local building sites, businesses and Golf Clubs. The feedback from our clients shows how impressed they have been with our response times - Well done boys!

Even though, on a few of these call outs, our patrols get there to find that it is a false alarm or has been set off by companies doing work there. Our men are always professional and polite, they still check throughout the property and its surrounding area. One of our patrols was recently called out to a school in Chigwell, where the concerned caretaker was very worried about some people hanging around there late into the evening. They checked all the doors and windows for him which reassured him all was secure.

If you are concerned with the latest crime stats and would like to discuss what security services we could offer you please email us: or give us a call on 0845 234 0151.

You can also fill out enquiry form on our website:

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