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Here are some tips to protect your construction site:

Company logo on your equipment –

To prevent theft of your equipment and machinery, you should put the name of your company or its logo onto every bucket and shovel. You could also use paint or UV markers for the job, but paint can be washed off with chemicals and UV markers are not visible to the naked eye and thus are not as effective a deterrent.

Bolt it –

Generators and lighting are easily susceptible to theft. You should bolt them down to the ground using steel plates and locks so no one can just tow them away.

Lighting it up –

Use bright white lights to cover your construction site. They provide for a good quality image to help identify faces and number plates easily. Also make sure that they don’t blind-sight the observers.

Restrict visitor access –

Your site will have many frequent visits from contractors and labourers. You should restrict access to whoever visits your site by following a proper gate security procedure.

Use security mobile or dog patrols –

In addition to following the above tips, you should also hire a responsible security guard company such as us to provide active patrolling of your site. Believe it or not, some insurance companies don’t pay for the entire cost of replacing your equipments in case of an accident. Having human security guards or dog patrols looking after your site can really save you a lot of trouble!

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