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From Schools to shops Triangle are making it safer for everyone

Triangle Security is here to help your restaurant, pub, shop, school or any other association return to an environment that is as safe as possible for you and your customers. There are many ways to do this and we have been helping numerous businesses so far.

Every aspect of our lives has been changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic. There are those that are eager to get back to normal and many that are more worried about returning to the way things were. There can be confusion over what needs to happen for a safer return and that’s where we can help with safety measures. Many sectors of the community will need extra help to maintain certain aspects of the guidelines and keeping on top of these can be troublesome. The first step for many is assessing the risk and we have trained personnel who are able to assist with the initial and ongoing stages of the return policies.

Creating a risk assessment

Our security experts can compile a risk assessment for your premises. By identifying the possible risks, we can make judgments and recommendations on how to ensure a safe and secure working environment for your people and your customers. Our assessors are constantly updating the policies to ensure they are always in line with the latest government guidelines.

To book your Risk Assessment contact us now on 0845 234 0151 or fill out our response form

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