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Renovating a property? Keep it secure over Christmas

December is one of the highest risk months for break-ins, so now is the time you want to start thinking about how secure your home is while everything shuts down for Christmas.

As well as reduced security, your home may be of particular interest to burglars during this period because there will be tools and equipment lying around, plus wiring and perhaps new furniture and white goods that are to be installed once the building work is complete. If a burglar thinks that there are items that are easy to steal in a house that is less than secure, they will target your home.

Normally observant neighbours will be quite accustomed to seeing various strangers going in and out of your house and garden as a result of your renovations, and they may be less likely to notice someone entering your property who has no right to do so. A burglar and a builder can look very similar in the gloom and they both carry tools.

Home security solutions during renovations

There are several steps you can take to ensure the safety and security of your property during renovations.

Firstly, you may be tempted to leave a key with your builder so that they can access the property in your absence; if you do so, be very aware that if anything happens to your home by way of damage or theft, your home insurance is very unlikely to be valid. If this is the most convenient way for you to handle your renovations, then be sure to contact your home insurance company to inform them – they may increase the premium you pay, or they may say that they will not cover you in those circumstances, but at least you will be clear about your protection.

Even if you are not planning to leave your builders unsupervised, you should contact your home insurance provider to let them know that renovations are taking place. They may raise your premiums and ask to see proof of your builder’s insurance cover, but at least you’ll know that your belongings and property will be covered in the case of fire or theft.

You may consider contacting a security company to monitor your home throughout the renovations with clear signage on your boarding outside. It will alert anyone attempting a break-in, that the property is being watched at all times throughout the day and night. We would also suggest that while the renovations are going on you should consider moving any valuables or expensive items into self-storage to keep them safe (and also protected from the elements) for the few weeks that your house is less than secure.

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