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Neighbourhoods now asking for our patrols to have a presence

We are receiving more calls, where a large number of residents living within an area or on a housing estate, feel unsafe with what is going on around them. Street crime and disturbance is a real problem. Recently in one location over 200 residents wanted our patrols to have a real presence to deter any possible problems that may arise.

Knowing that we have more patrols than any other local security company, they felt that we have the manpower to cover the number of shifts required to provide them with a 24/7 service. In Woodford the stats for crime is being shown in the link below.

If you and your neighbours are worried about the area you live in and would like to discuss our range of services and the savings we can offer you as a group contract, call us now on 0845 234 0151 or email us:

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