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Thank you so much...

Good Evening, I just wanted to say that I called your office this morning, I knew you looked after property in Havering-Atte-Bower and I think I was walking on land that they owned. I mainly called to inform you where I was and to let you know why so we didn't get any trouble.

My friend's little boy went missing in Havering Country Park, so we were all searching. Not only did the guy on the phone reassure me it wasn't a problem, but he also called the team at the property and called me back and let me know they were going to help search for him.

The little boy was found safe and sound by a lady who called the police to the location.

Long story, sorry I wanted to provide a little background. But your team went above and beyond in offering their help today and I really, really appreciated it.

Thank you so much. Your team and the gentleman I spoke to on the phone, who took the time to call back and drive to the location to help are a credit to your company.

Kind regards, Louise

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